Product Release ​Version 3.1

Features & Improvements

  1. Added phone number field, can be turned on/off per sub-event
  2. Added address field, can be turned on/off per sub-event
  3. Improved Add-ons Report: lists quantities and percentages for each combination
  4. Major usability improvements to test mode, on-site access, and manual payments
  5. Added Customer Support Tool to handle refunds, cancellations, sub-event upgrades & downgrades, and demographics editor

Bugs Fixed

  • Corrected issue with delete button in cart
  • Accurate reporting of real registrants, and exclude test mode registrants
  • Shirt sizes now showing on registrant export spreadsheet
  • Removed broken sorting and pagination features, for now, will bring back later
  • Fixed Age calculation in registrants export, was showing incorrect age occasionally
  • Issues fixed with quantity restrictions on event, sub-event, and add-ons