Product Update Version 3.2.1

Event SmartSearch

  • Added a smart search functionality to event dropdowns where you can type in what you’re looking for and the dropdown will update as you type. See Reporting page to try this out!

Event Archive

  • Added an archive for events that have ended 7 days ago or more. Helps keeps screens more organized for partners who’ve been with us over a year and have multiple events up for renewal and do not want double the data to sift through.

Reporting: PDF Export

  • Added a PDF export button to the reporting page that exports a PDF version of the page.  Helps you have a quick takeaway when you need to provide stakeholders a quick update about the status of their event registration.

General Improvements

  • Performance updates to dashboard, reporting, and customer support sections.
  • For clarification, updated “Processing Fee” to “Registrant Fee” to accurately reflect the field’s purpose.
  • Now showing the placeholder “Unlimited” for certain optional fields, such as merchandise quantity.
  • Fixed bug when changing a person’s subevent where issuing a charge wasn’t calculating correctly.
  • Fixed bug when editing registrant question responses where the response wasn’t saving in all cases.
  • Updated the Resend Receipt email template to use the purchase date.
  • Added event year to event dropdowns so it’s more obvious which event you’re selecting