RegWiz Version 3.3 Release Notes

Usability Enhancements & General Improvements

For Partners

  1. Modified event description box so that bullet points have more indentation
  2. Black test mode banner now sticks to top of page as you scroll through registration page. This helps remind Partners they are conducting a test transaction.
  3. Partner settings screen now has a secondary color field to allow for more flexibility in matching the look and feel of registration pages to the Partner’s branding
  4. Partner logo is now displayed slightly larger on registration pages for better branding visibility
  5. Partner settings screen now has an alternate logo upload field “Logo Mark” which is used in the Stripe payment credit card pop-up screen. It’s best to upload a square, similar to what you would use on a social media profile photo.
  6. After creating new subevent, the screen now redirects back to that subevent for ease of further editing
  7. While creating a new event, it’s now possible to add a new venue through an enhanced popup that allows creation of the new venue on-the-spot.

For Customers

  1. Modified the “Event has ended” message whenever customer access a registration page after registration is closed. The new message now contains a link to “view more events”.
  2. When a customer edits a cart item, the screen now scrolls down to that item automatically

Bug Fixes

  1. Submitting an empty search on support screen no longer displays empty red error box
  2. Dashboard report numbers now account for registrants who switch subevents.
  3. Fixed bug in customer support search where certain searches would crash the page
  4. Delete registration modal numbers now take into account purchase adjustments
  5. Fixed bug in add-ons report where the wrong export date was being displayed

New Features

  1. Partners can now view the monthly accounts payable to RegWiz for platform usage. The tool calculates totals and then provides the ability to verify the total matches up closely with the RegWiz charges processed on the Partner’s Stripe account.
  2. RegWiz now has a separate Support Ticket system that is separate from Sharp Hue. Simply email to communicate with us, or copy the same email address if you need to loop us in while assisting a customer.
  3. Added a new feature to quickly duplicate promo codes to other subevents
  4. such as links to photos or information pages on an external website.
  5. At the completion of a purchase there are now buttons that allow the customer to easily add the event to their calendar and share the event on social media.
  6. Partner data feeds can now display any time of file attachment allowing flexibility to upload any kind of paper form or marketing material that needs to be associated with an event.
  7. Partners can now setup a per checkout processing fee. For example, setting this to $0.30 would help offset the per transaction fees that Stripe charges.
  8. The Add-ons text editor received some improvements that allow entering more details

Upcoming Features

  1. Ability for Event Coordinator to manage promo codes and code usage