Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does a Charge from Register Wizard Appear on My Statement?

Register-Wizard (also known as RegWiz) is an online registration website used by many non-profits, parks & recreation coordinators, and event organizers to collect registration fees.

Did you recently register for a running event like a 5K, Fun Run, Marathon, Half-Marathon, etc? What about a school fundraiser? If your event is still in the future, you can still find it listed on our upcoming events page.

We build custom registration software for our event partners. The charge for that registration will appear as Register Wizard on your credit card statement.

Still not sure about the charge? Before filing a chargeback, please contact us by sending an email to and we will investigate the charge for you and provide a receipt of the transaction.

I have an event that needs online registration and payments capabilities. Can I use RegWiz this one event?

Our platform is focused towards helping event managers who put on many events per year. While you are more than welcome to utilize the RegWiz platform for a single event only, you may not see a benefit unless your single event has around 1,000 or more participants.

RegWiz is optimized for partners who manage several events that have varying numbers of participants and dollar volume. The system design allows a partner to efficiently collect data and money in a single, white-labeled dashboard.

What's involved in getting set up as a partner?

If you're an established business we'd like to talk to you about the kinds of events you manage and give you some ideas on how to earn extra income while providing high-quality registration and payment solutions for your events.

If you're just getting started with your business, we can still help you! Since 2011 we've consulted with hundreds of events use our technology to grow their events year after year.

In order to use our platform, you must have an account with which is the best-in-class payments processor that our system uses to accept payments at the lowest rates.

How long does the onboarding process take and what's included?

Our goal is to get you up and running as quickly as possible. Even if you have an event right around the corner, we will set up an appointment with you to review your business and follow up with a contract for you to review.

If you want to be extra prepared for our initial consultation, we recommend that you have a account set up and connected to your bank account. Additionally, if you already have a marketing website and currently use another registration platform, send us a few links to existing events prior to our first meeting and we will take a close look at opportunities for improvement.

We can have you up and running with your first event usually within just a few business days. We provide training to show you how to use our platform and typically split up these sessions over a few separate web meetings. If you engage us for RegWiz data integration into your website, we can usually complete the integration within 1 to 2 weeks.

Is there a contract?

We use contracts to lock in your processing rates for a one-year period.

If your business is established and you can provide verification of your previous year's dollars processed, we will lock in the optimal rate for your level of revenue. The more dollars you process through RegWiz, the lower our rates go so that you make bigger profits.

What kind of tools and reports are available on the RegWiz platform?

Our partner tools are designed to give you complete visibility as well as robust customer service capabilities.

The partner dashboard allows you to see the status of all your events at a high level. Individual event dashboards help you understand how each event's registration and dollars change over time.

All data reports can be downloaded as spreadsheets to help you with further data tasks or importing into another system.

The customer service tools enable you to resend e-mail receipts, refund, change, and cancel registrants. Upgrades and downgrades are automatically handled with the participant's card getting charged or refunded for the difference.

Does my contract include training and customer support?

It is our mission to optimize and support the growth of your events business. The rates we charge cover our costs including training and support.

Our platform is fairly intuitive and does not involve a high degree of technical skill. Most of the time, your questions or needs will revolve around the best way to do something for a particular event.

Beyond training and customer support, you can think of us as consultants. Bring us your challenges and we'll help you implement the optimal solution!

How do I get paid and how do my events get their payouts?

The RegWiz platform is optimized for payments through

During your initial onboarding, we customize RegWiz to your brand (white-label) and configure your payments to process directly through, which is connected to your bank account.

In 2018 we will release an enhanced payments flow that allows your events to also sign up for a Stripe account so that payments to RegWiz, your Events, and your bank account are made automatically on a business-daily schedule. This enhancement will allow you to spend less time paying your events, so you can focus on growing your business.

Why do I need an account with Can I use another payment processor with RegWiz?

We think that is the biggest revolution in payment processing. We've tried all the other guys and they've always fell short of amazing.

In order to provide nonstop innovation and unbeatable rates, we now require for all partners. While this may seem like a strict requirement, we challenge you to simply sign up for an account on and be amazed by their pain-free setup. You'll probably catch yourself saying, "that's all I have to do?"

Does RegWiz only work for registration of participants into running races/events?

In 2011, we founded Register Wizard as a platform to support running races/events. After our first year in business, we realized the versatility of our platform for other uses.

Over the years we've continued to expand our capabilities to support most types of event registration and payment processing needs.

While our expertise continues to be centered on race timing companies, the RegWiz platform is perfect for all kinds of events except where assigned seats are used such as entertainment or sports venues. In those cases, you will want to use a ticketing solution.