Why Choose Us?

Registration in a Flash is our commitment. No distracting ads, no confusing memberships, no recurring charges. A simple, intuitive solution for a web-based world to get people registered in the various events of their lives.

Your participants will love you for it. We are people you can trust to optimize your event, get the word out, and efficiently collect the information and money.

Everything You Need for a Successful Event

  • Intuitive, Easy to understand interface
  • No membership fees, no ads
  • Customizable Experience
  • Personal customer service and support
  • Spreadsheets generated with participant data such as address, age, email, phone, etc…
  • Additional merchandise purchase capability during checkout
  • Branded receipt automatically emailed to participant
  • Administration feature for 24/7 access to your registrants’ information

Get Up and Running in a Flash!

Online Registration

Intuitive, uncluttered, simple and fast describes RegWiz in a user’s perspective. Designed for ease of understanding and use while providing a secure solution that is efficient and cost-effective. Customized web design reflects a confident professionalism.

Collect Donations

Create a donations option for your event or organization for your event. Let RegWiz power your online fundraising activities and enjoy simple, no-nonsense activity statements with all of your donor activity.

Email Marketing Solutions

We offer an affordable contact and information outreach to registrants. Professionally designed to remind them of key dates and guidelines.

Web Design, Development, and Hosting

Does your current event website lack the sizzle you were hoping for? Is your homepage dated or missing some key features, logos or information? Our web design team will help you redesign your web presence and integrate it with RegWiz data feeds so you can spend more time managing your events instead of being stuck in front of the computer.

Intuitive, Fast, and User-Friendly

It takes under two minutes for your registrants to choose their event, add merchandise, and pay.

Export Registration Data to Spreadsheets

Download and view real-time event registration data and reports

Automatic Receipts to Registrants

An e-mail receipt is automatically sent to registrants to confirm their registration and purchase.

Personal Customer Service and Support

We’ll help you get set up and support you with a registration page that’s customized for each type of event you manage.

No Membership Fees, No Ads

We’ve built a business model that’s fair to all parties and puts the most money back in your hands.

Buy Merchandise

Increase your event’s revenue by allowing registrants to purchase merchandise during checkout.

Event Website Design Support

We can help you set up website pages on your site for organizations who don’t have resources to build a site that promotes their cause or event. Professionally designed, user-friendly, eye-catching website. Customized with logo, sponsor logos, event details, volunteer info, countdown timer, and contact form.